Dan's exploits are too much for the feeble visitors of this site.  Rest assured, gentle reader, that this is for your own good.  However, some basic information is available to the general public.  The official Smock records indicate that Dan is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for said band.  He had his humble beginnings playing trumpet for local jazz legend Terrance Bruce.  He later moved onto the Saturday night mass choir of St. Charles Church, which he dropped in favor of listening to Rush and Pink Floyd.  Despite the brilliant grandness of these two bands, Dan ultimately found it appropriate to phase them out of his listening repertoire in favor of Ben Folds Five and Weezer which helped inspire Smock.  So, to sum up the information: trumpet/jazz/Bruce -> choir/priest/touch -> Rush/Floyd/Prog -> BF5/Weezer/Smock.